August 30, 2021

Working Alone at the Dental Office

What is the work alone policy at your dental practice?

Better yet, does everyone in the office know what it is and have a document on file somewhere in your policies and procedures handbook? Perhaps a practice owner/ doctor and teammate had to call in sick on the same day or simply want to take a vacation on the same week. Although laws and rules vary from state to state, it’s not uncommon for dental hygienists to find themselves working alone in the practice and not knowing for sure if they are allowed to. In this segment of BURST tv, Micah and a few friends from the BURST ambassador community discuss their experiences about working alone and how they feel about it. Stay tuned because we are going to have another upcoming segment with an expert on this topic. If you have a story to share or questions about your state’s work-alone policy, let us know in the comments.