June 9, 2020

Two Minute Tunes for Your Next Brushing Sesh

Here at BURST, we urge everyone to smile more and create great habits that will lead to a longer and healthier existence. Because the connection between your mouth and body is so strong, brushing for the recommended two minutes twice a day is something we are dedicated to helping you do. Unfortunately brushing can be kinda dull if you’re not already in our tooth obsessed club. And so we bring you some two minute tunes for your next brushing session.

The 21 Day Challenge?

A collective “They” said for a long time that it takes 21 days to form a good habit. According to other sources, there are way too many personality types and variables to says that’s completely accurate. In fact, it may take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to get yourself dedicated to a new healthy routine. Following the twice a day for 2 minutes rule seems easy but people are in a hurry. Folks get distracted. Some of us are admittedly lazy. As far as the technology goes, we got you covered. The built in two minute timer on the BURST brush is fabulous but a lot of people still need more encouragement. So how about infusing some tunes to get you in good plaque blasting spirits!

The Brushing Playlist on Spotify

The Brushing Playlist

For those of you who love all music types and a completely random playlists you are in for a real treat. The songs in the Spotify playlist above have only one thing in common: they are all right around 2 minutes long. (BURST is in no way responsible for the message, language or tone of any of these tunes.) Now if by chance the song ends before your BURST, please keep gliding along. Bonus points if you spend some extra time.

Youtube Delivers 2 Min Mash Ups

Are you the visual type that would rather watch something whilst attending to your chompers? No worries because the internet is full of options! Check out these musical assortments found on Youtube:

Music soothes the soul. It brings back memories and sparks interest and even helps all of us bond as we find others that share our musical interests. Are you already in the habit of listening to music during your self care routines? Leave a comment with your favorites and we’ll have a listen!