April 16, 2021

The Fabulous Traveling BURST

Here’s a common scenario. You have this fancy pants electric toothbrush that you spent some good cash on and you’re feeling pretty on top of your oral care ever since you made a purchase. You book a trip to Cabo (when this pandemic settled down) and the day finally comes to fill up that suitcase and complete the early check in. While packing, you pick up your high powered plaque blasting toothbrush of awesomeness and wonder if you should take it along on your exotic vacation for the week.

If you have a BURST brush, there is no question! Your toothbrush also deserves a nice vacation with it’s best human friend. With a four-week battery life, travel case handy ditty bag and lifetime warranty, you know that this oral care device of wonder will keep you in tip top shape whilst traveling.

Jennifer is here to tell you why our BURST products are the best for your next trip.