February 11, 2021

Story Time With Bubbles: Bear’s Loose Tooth

Loosing a tooth is an exciting and notable event in every child’s life! Join Bubbles the BURST fairy as she reads a story about Bears Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

Bear’s got a loose tooth and his friends are there to help! Does it come out? Bear and his friends are munching on their lunch, when all of a sudden…Bear feels something wiggling and wobbling in his mouth. Oh, no! What can it be? It’s Bear’s first loose tooth! Bear’s friends help ease Bear’s concerns about his tooth and help him understand that losing a baby tooth is perfectly natural is the heart of this funny and reassuring story that will delight anyone who’s ever had a wiggly, wobbly tooth.

Support the author by purchasing the book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DEKAAW6/

Photo retrieved from: https://stock.adobe.com/vectors​ AdobeStock_208824519

If you have a little one that is ready to lose a tooth, send us an email at toothfairy@burstoralcare.com with a letter to the tooth fairy or a picture.