August 15, 2018


Hey Everyone!

Just thought we’d fill you in on what was an incredibly exciting trip to Maryland at the beginning of this month. BURST descended, on its 1st anniversary (OMG how time flies), on the National Habor Convention Center for RDHUOR. Wow, what a show! It might have been work, but it felt like going on holiday with all your best friends – we feel like we’re still recovering!

Last year at RDHUOR, when BURST was barely a few weeks old, we had 2 people at the show and shared a booth. Our hygienists app had been live for only a few days, and even then it was only available on iOS. Now, as we have grown so fast and with our teething issues behind us (excuse the pun), this year was a totally different story, a different kettle of fish as some might say!

This year we had a double booth with 14 of our senior ambassadors holding down the fort, looking after the hoards of people who descended on our booth. The booth was buzzing; it was such an honor to be so busy.  Mind you, it did get a little crazy – at the beginning of the show there was a stampede to get to the BURST booth when the doors opened. People said they saw over excited hygienists bundling past security like a scene out of a One Direction concert. Chaos! Luckily no one was hurt (well, not too badly), and we continued to be popular from start to finish.

We want to thank everyone who helped out. Honestly, it means so much to us that it all went well and that people enjoyed themselves. It was an amazing and humbling experience for us all. It reminds us why we are doing what we’re doing. Things went amazingly well, and we hope they may continue. It was definitely a trip to remember.

Until next time, we wish you well, and thank you again