May 27, 2020

Chrissy Teigen is BURSTing

She’s smart, funny, loves food, her family and is married to a Legend (John that is). The crew at here is jumping for joy because Chrissy Teigen is BURSTing.

The product shoot in LA…

Many of you have questions about the marketing side of BURST. Living up to the promise of “Affordable Oral Care For Everyone” is dependent on keeping our advertising dollars in check. For the most part, our dental professional ambassador and current customers really do a good part of it. However, from time to time we like to enlist the help of someone with a much bigger audience. It takes an extraordinary number of phone calls, meetings emails and negotiations to make magic happen but this was worth every minute. The promotional shoot with Chrissy was all hands on deck. ……… (insert Ashley contribution)

Why we love Chrissy

You might be interested to know is that our founders are really great at surveying the ambassador group for their input when choosing who we work with to promote the brand. Essentially they asked who they would be proud so see as an influencer for BURST. Without a doubt, the consensus was that Chrissy simply made sense. Our ambassador group is known for being forthcoming with their opinions. Some of the things they touted were: “She seems really authentic.”, “I like her because she is relatable”, and “Definitely someone I would love to see.”

What Many of You Have In Common With Chrissy

A couple years ago, she said in an interview, “I’m a grinder. I grind like crazy at night time.” That’s right everyone, super glamorous stars are people too and we all might grind our teeth from time to time. Emotional stress, changes in bite and even medical conditions like sleep apnea are know to cause people to grind their teeth.

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels so you can see all of the fantastic videos and still shots our new friend helped us put together. Looking forward to hearing your feedback as well!