May 27, 2020

BURSTing at the CDA Show

Our super awesome community of brand ambassadors does a fantastic job of getting the word out but we sure do love seeing everyone in the flesh at dental conventions around the country. Working a recent event, here is part of our energetic crew BURSTing at the CDA show.

All licensed dental professionals are required to take continuing education courses. The folks at your dental office can stay up to date with current standards of care and information they need to treat their patients well. This particular trade show featured approximately 600 exhibiting companies, presenting the latest products and services in the industry. You know that super comfortable chair you lie in whilst getting your teeth cleaned? Yeah, they even have those on display for testing out. The BURST crew that works these events have a great time and it definitely shows! Music, dancing and smiles have become a routine part of the booth…. and the best part is it’s genuine. We want to make it fun and easy for attendees to come up, say hello and take a closer look at the BURST brush. This is also a great way for visitors to learn about the culture of this company and how they can get involved.

Growing the BURST Family

SATURDAY UPDATE FROM THE TEAM: “We are officially sold out and it’s not even noon!!!”

Thank You Subscribers

Now it’s time for a special thank you to those reading this that are currently subscribed to BURST. We are meeting more and more dental professionals that confessed YOU were the ones that told them about us. Those that spend some time with us learn quickly we are much more that a dental product company. We are family. We are a tribe. We are forever grateful for the happy customers that sing our praises.