June 15, 2021

Awesome Ear Saving Remedies For Sore Ears

Are your ears screaming for help after a trip to the store or long workday? In this segment of BURST tv, Nancy Tran, RDH, walks you through different remedies for sore ears and takes you step by step as she creates custom pairs.

Before 2020 most of you probably didn’t consider how sore your ears could get from wearing a mask. Many medical professionals even had to double up by wearing N95 masks underneath fabric masks. As you can imagine, the pull from the earloops can cause quite a bit of discomfort! In this video, you’ll learn about a variety of ear savers available and two DIY tutorials! The types of ear savers reviewed in this video are store-bought ear straps, hair style (pigtail/low buns), sewn fabric straps, sewn in (scrub caps & headbands), and magnetic (buttons & cloth buttons).