April 22, 2019

A Whiter Smile Doesn’t Have To Be Painful.

A nice bright white and healthy smile is something that most people are striving for. Simply stated, it makes people feel good when they look in the mirror. I get asked everyday about what affordable products are available to help people achieve this. There are so many different options out there all claiming to be the best so I know it can be hard to know which one to choose. One thing is certain: A Whiter Smile Doesn’t Have To Be Painful.

A common problem that people complain of when whitening their teeth is extreme sensitivity. There are many reasons that our teeth can be sensitive during the whitening process, such as exposed root surfaces or decay. When looking at whitening products on offer I have found that higher amounts of peroxide and long wear times are factors in producing sensitivity. As a clinician, I try to guide my patients in the right direction to help achieve a whiter smile without this sensitivity. I want the whole process to be enjoyable for my patients, not just something they tolerate to get to the end result.

BURST Coconut Whitening Strips are always my answer. BURST has combined an enamel safe 6% peroxide and coconut oil to give you optimal whitening without the painful sensitivity. The wear time is only about 15 min, once a day for 7 days. I have happy patients, family and friends that can now achieve a whiter smile without any sensitivity. Once you’ve tried them the choice is easy and its BURST all the way.

Contribution by Shelley Keiser, RDH and Senior Burst Ambassador