September 22, 2021

7 out of 10 People Will Eat a Bug

Catchy title right? Some BURST tv episodes are meant to inspire others to take better care of themselves. Some are shared in the hopes that the information within helps a consumer understand dental procedures or answer questions they searched for on the internet. Today we are simply having fun with others at a recent dental convention. The Southwest Dental Conference, held in Dallas Texas, is just the second one our team has been able to attend in person since early 2020 and you could feel the energy in the building!

Playing off of the “9 out of 10 dentist recommend” marketing headline, Charlotte and Melissa find out how many convention attendees they chatted with were open minded and adventurous. The only logical way to test this is by offering them a tasty yet unconventional treat. Find out what kind of snack they want people to try in this fun segment of BURST tv.